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MRS is redefining standards in meeting the fuel needs of a growing list of consumer and industrial customers in West Africa.
At MRS, we do not just sell fuel products but we provide fuel solutions after conducting operational studies to determine customers’ specific fuel requirements. We recognize the unique needs of every customer and design appropriate fingerprint solutions that would ensure cost reduction and increase operational efficiency. With a team of dedicated and experienced professionals, we offer innovative business solutions that go beyond quality fuels to ensure that we add identifiable value to the business of our customers.

The four key areas of our fingerprint solutions are:

  1. Vendor Managed Inventory – An arrangement where we maintain adequate stock of fuel in our customer’s location and the customer only pays for what is consumed at the end of every month. This also ensures optimal stock and ease of the fuel ordering process.
  2. Fuel Facilities Management – MRS can offer to maintain and manage customers’ own fuel facilities.
  3. Fuel Management Solution – Improved fuel security, authorization and report management.
  4. Health, Environment and Safety - Focus on fuel storage facilities and environment.

More reputable industrial customers are switching over to MRS because of the benefits that we offer which also allow them to focus on their core business activities while we take the onerous burden of fuel management from them. Our strategic customer segments are oil and gas, cement, food and beverage and manufacturing. Our current lists of key customers in these segments include Chevron, Procter and Gamble, British American Tobacco, Benue Cement, Cement Company of Northern Nigeria, Nigerian Bottling Company, Seven Up and UAC.
Our fingerprint business solutions coupled with our key account management program have distinguished us as a leading integrated fuel solutions provider not only in Nigeria but also in the entire West African sub region.