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Highlights of Operations
Operations and Supply is a large sub-function within the MRS structure that is fondly regarded as the heart beat of the company. We operate a combination of proprietary terminals (in Apapa, Lagos) and strategic third party facility partnerships for the supply, storage and distribution of gasoline, diesel, kerosene, fuel oil and aviation fuel.

We pride ourselves on leading the industry in supplying, storing and distributing products safely and at the least possible cost

Operations & Supply is also a responsible member of the community, promoting health, education and safety in areas where it operates.

Business Portfolio
Ops & Supply has a proprietary terminal and strategic partnership with its sister company MRS Oil & Gas Ltd as the core of its supply chain and an efficient fleet of some 1300 tanker trucks. We boast of an efficient supply chain capable of meeting the needs of the over 400 retail outlets; numerous industrial customers and bulk supply to our trading partners both on and offshore.

Supply Optimization
In 2009, MRS restructured Supply group after the transition from Chevron to emerge as one of the industry’s most efficient and effective service. Today, we import a significant portion of Nigeria’s petroleum product requirements.

The Supply Optimization group maintains a presence in the products freight market and will continue to expand its scope in line with the company’s corporate strategy to become the supplier of choice for products in the West Africa

The group has the key responsibility of distributing the products nationwide. With PPMC pipeline network not providing the required coverage for the country, trucking has become the key method of moving product to key distribution points.

Logistics possesses a structure that gives us an advantage over our competitors. The coverage area is split into 3 operating Districts (South East, South West & North) for location distributions. The districts made up of distribution/Depot areas for location distribution. A much larger distribution from key sources in Lagos and Coastal locations are coordinated and responsible for additional supplies of products to the inland locations.

The operating structure is created to manage and coordinate a combination of proprietary and contracted fleet for both short and long hauls. Logistics delivered an average of 90m liters of product monthly nationwide; 66% of this volume was hauled from secondary supply points covering and estimated 15m km through 2009. Furthermore, the entire fleet is possesses On-Board Computer System to support the scheduling and tracking of the fleet.

The unit further boasts of experienced and highly motivated supporting cast for operations improvement, safety, training and process compliance.

Invoicing Center
As part of the company’s continuous improvement efforts, invoicing operation the process of invoicing was centralized
The unit started off originally with only two personnel covering only Lagos locations as a test run. With positive progress and positive results recorded in just two weeks from the commencement date, all other locations nationwide were gradually captured as the number of employee in the unit was also gradually increased to carter for the rising demand on the centre.
By the current company organ gram, the unit is to be made of the unit Manager, a Supervisor, Stock control officer and six invoicers for a smooth and effective operation. The unit’s activity is as summarized below:

  • Responsible for the control and co-ordination of distribution documenting process to customers ordering fuels and lubricants
  • With strategic partnerships with the banks and an integrated information technology system the Center actively tracks all payments and customer requests on-line real time
  • Co-ordinates, analyzes and performs inventory control for the entire Logistics group. Ensuring that all stock movements are properly documented, managed and accounted for promptly.
  • Provides information support to the entire Marketing & Marketing Support group, Aviation, Lubes and Logistics to keep them abreast of Invoicing Centre operations so that they may manage the units better.
  • Provides customer care services to both internal and external customer

The Apapa terminal is currently the flag ship of the terminaling operations. The terminal stores gasoline, diesel, kerosene and aviation fuel for distribution. It features a sizeable storage capacity with 8 loading arms which is responsible for 35% of total volume distributed nationwide.
The company aligns with MRS Oil & Gas Ltd facility also in Apapa to boost supplies to its ever growing customer base. The company continues to partner with other 3rd party terminals for the supply/storage of petroleum products.

  • Operations & Supply Manager,
    8 Macarthy St, Lagos,
  • Logistics Manager,
    8 Macarthy St, Lagos,