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Our Strategic Business Units


The Information Technology Unit (ITU) provides library and information technology resources, systems, services, tools, and relevant training to the organization.

The Information Technology Unit is responsible for the maintenance and technical support of all IT facilities that support business services, consultation and training activities. Efforts have been taken to continually upgrade the facilities to meet the increasing users’ requirement. Network enhancements, system stability and dependable email services have been given highest priority.

The ITU's mission is to advance the company’s strategic goals, support the various business units, enable professional endeavors, and improve institutional management by effectively leveraging on available cutting edge technology.

The key to ITU's success in meeting company’s needs is our people.  Marketing, Operations, field employees and others in the ITU are distinguished by their commitment to building a great organization within and to providing outstanding customer service.  

Information Technology Assets Vision:
Business Success generated through creative use of technology and integrated information collection, management, transformation and delivery

Information Technology Function Vision:
Full partnership with the business units in delivering value to MRS Shareholders and customers

IT Safety Priorities

  • Reinforce use of Work Pace by everyone
  • Complete Safety Action Plans
  • Conduct Work Well assessments
  • Deploy OE standardized training and work processes plan:
    • Incident Investigation & Reporting (IIR)
    • Motor Vehicle Safety (MVS)
    • Contractor HES Management

ICT services currently provided

  • 24/7 email & internet access to head-office, alapere and apapa users
  • Automatic daily, weekly backup of ERP & network files
  • 24 hours 7days a week access to as/400, BPCS & software plus
  • Very high data integrity
  • VPN support for remote users
  • ICT in-house ERP support & training.