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MRS Aviation: Good Quality product, Great Customer Service....

The core business of MRS Aviation is into-plane fuelling. In the aviation sector, MRS is presently among the leading marketers to beat. It commands a good percentage of the market share and has a large spread of aviation fuelling stations nationwide, with an ever-growing clientele, which include world’s leading airlines.

The company, which makes available an average of about 40 million gallons of Jet A-1 monthly, has its major aviation depots in Lagos, LOS; Abuja, ABV; Port Harcourt, PHC; Kano, KAN; Abidjan, ABD; Cotonou, COO; and Lome, LFW. It invests far more than competition in modern infrastructure, in order to raise the standard of aviation fuel marketing to world-class level. Among its state-of-the-art mobile fuelling equipment are top-performer bowsers and dispensers, which have impacted greatly on service efficiency. Consequently, all MRS outlets are consistently monitored to enforce strict compliance to Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) standards and to ensure that customers get the right product, the right quality and the right price at all times. Customer delight is one of our core values. Into-Plane Fueling 

Both MRS Aviation and the airlines measure performance based on timeliness, quality, safety, accuracy, and professionalism. MRS has consistently exceeded strict operating criteria in all of these areas. As airlines operate on tight flight schedules, the timely refueling of aircraft becomes extremely critical to overall operating performance. MRS uses its scheduling experience and its cross-trained cadre of employees to ensure that all commitments are met in a timely manner. MRS delivers the exact amounts of fuel and maintains timely and accurate records of all deliveries. At any time, MRS can provide its customers with detailed and accurate records of fuel deliveries and dispensals. With respect to all of its activities, MRS pays strict attention to environment, health and safety regulations and policies. In addition, our fuelers go through an extensive amount of training prior to fueling any aircraft. MRS has expertise in effectively managing large commingled fuel storage facilities for its customers. The company maintains staff that is highly trained and proficient in the procedures necessary to schedule the receipt of fuel via a common pipeline to ensure continuous and safe operation of air transportation services by its customers. The company utilizes accounting and retention standards for all facility documentation and fuel inventory records from the start at the pipeline or tank truck receipt point and follows through in to the storage facilities and finally into the aircraft in accordance with up-to-date industry practice and in accordance with the guidelines promulgated by our customers.

MRS Aviation has been actively involved in developing and continually improving Environmental Management Systems and Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasures Plans. Rigorous awareness training programs have been developed by MRS Aviation to ensure that our employees always conduct themselves in a safe and environmentally conscious manner.

Customer Service

We hold sacrosanct our values, which are to be reputable, customer-responsive, progressive and personable. Our brand is developed with a clear understanding of the customer’s needs. The ultimate goal is to offer optimum performance and protection for customer satisfaction.

 Market Objectives

  • To be the preferred fuel marketer in the hearts and minds of the customers.
  • To provide market leadership in all our business: Aviation, Liquefied Petroleum Gas, Lubricants, Bitumen & Retail Shops.
  • To reclaim our customers in the International segment of the Industry.
  • To provide effective and efficient services to customers in the Industry.


Thomas O. Ogungbangbe - Head Aviation /Manager
Antonella Saldo - Commercial Manager

West Africa

    MRS Aviation                                                                                     
    Local Airport, Ikeja
    Lagos, Nigeria
    Tel: +234 (0) 7088061532-6 | Fax: +234 1 461 4602
    MRS Aviation Benin S.A.
    Cotonou Airport
    Tel: +229 21 30 82 08 | Fax: +229 21 30 83 11
    MRS Aviation Togo
    Lome Airport
    Tel.: 00228 226 03 98 | Fax: 00228 261 35 89
    MRS Aviation Côte d'Ivoire
    Abidjan Airport
    Tel:  +225 21 211 533 | Fax: +225 21 211 616

General Information:   aviationinfo@ (proposed)
Customer Service :  (proposed)