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With its presence in several West African countries, the company makes available an average of about 40 million gallons of Jet A-1 annually, has its major aviation depots in Lagos, LOS; Abuja, ABV; Port Harcourt, PHC; Kano, KAN; Abidjan, ABD; Cotonou, COO; and Lome, LFW. In a bid to grow and have service outlets in as many parts of Africa as possible and in order to satisfy the demands of our customers, the company has its upcoming locations in Douala(DLA), Cameroon; Dakar (DKR), Senegal; Accra (ACC), Ghana; Sokoto (SKO); Maiduguri(MIU); Calabar ( CBQ) and Enugu (ENU).

Tank Farm MRS AVIATION pays strict attention to the SHE and OE requirements affecting fuel storage and distribution. Intense training programs have been developed by Allied Aviation to ensure that our employees always conduct themselves in a safe and environmentally conscious manner.

Fuel Receipt

  • Gauging Procedure
  • Types of Fuel
  • Tank Truck Procedure
  • Pipeline Receiving

Fuel Testing

  • Sumping White Bucket Test - Storage Tank - Filter Separator
  • Hydrokit
  • Filter Differential Readings
  • Shell Water Detector Test