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MRS Oil Nigeria Plc (formerly Chevron Oil Nigeria Plc) began aviation operation in 1979 in Nigeria and has grown to become one the industry’s largest major providers of commercial aviation services. With years of expertise, MRS draws from a vast wealth of service knowledge to provide safe, high quality, reliable service while maintaining standards.

Mission Statement

MRS is a dedicated aviation fuel service provider with over 30 years of experience at major airports in Nigeria and West Africa. The organization is committed to corporate responsibility and complying with applicable laws wherever it operates. The safety of our employees, airline customers and airport environment is of utmost importance. We strive to provide a safe workplace while maintaining an excellent on-time performance to meet the needs of our customers. We have a highly trained staff of managers and operators who have extensive knowledge of airport fueling operations. We seek to expand our business while still maintaining the same high level of operations throughout our system.

Our Corporate Culture

At MRS, we deplore unbeatable experience, technology and innovation to safely deliver consistent and reliable services that offer quality and value. We are customer focused and proactively manage our global network through a team of aviation service professionals while continuously investing in our human and capital assets.
Our commitment drive is towards responsible environmental stewardship while promoting continuous growth and prosperity for our employees, customers, shareholders and the communities we serve.

Our Values are:

  • Commitment to safety and Quality
  • Investments in Technology and Leadership
  • Resources and Expertise


At MRS, no project is too large and no customer request is too small. Our goal is to always deliver the ultimate in customer service by tailoring our operations to our customers' needs.

MRS is one of the major commercial aviation services companies in Africa with world class into plane fuelling operations with quality-driven aviation service professionals. We offer a full range of high quality aviation services in Nigeria's major airports and with strong presence in Togo, Ivory Coast and The Republic of Benin. Our services include:

  • Into-plane fueling  
  • Fuel Facility Maintenance